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  1. July 7* Fairy Delphox raid event

    I ultimately won with this, but it is far from guaranteed: :ceruledge: Ceruledge @ Charcoal Ability: Flash Fire Tera Type: Fire EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Swords Dance - Bitter Blade - Clear Smog - Poison Jab - Being Physical it targets Delphox's weaker Defense, being a Fire...
  2.  You're Not My Type

  3. May 7* Raid Event: Tera Rock Chesnaught

    :annihilape: The usual monkey (Screech + Bulk Up + Drain Punch + Rage Fist) works perfectly solo, especially with Intimidate partners.
  4. CAP 32 - Part 13 - Name Submissions

    Final Submission Dokordoki Japanese "dokidoki" (onomatopoeia for heartbeat) + Latin "cor", "cordis" ("heart"). Pronounced: DOCK-core-dock-ey IPA: ['dokordoki]
  5. CAP 32 - Art Poll 3

  6. CAP 32 - Art Poll 2

  7. CAP 32 - Art Poll 1

    Sunfished Quanyails Golurkyourself BaffleTome DougJustDoug Chillie YamiTheYin
  8.  Fakemon Central (read the rules in the OP)

    Babies. Misdreavus. Embryonic wisp with gem pacifier and hair clip. Dunsparce. Similar to its evolved forms to match the precedent set by Dudunsparce, undeveloped drill, wings more similar to limbs used for digging.
  9. Unpopular Pokemon that you like

    Now that I look at it it's not that busy, I concede, I overestimated the complexity of its belly pattern. It might be a side effect of DPPt designs starting to feel more complex in general. The again one of my absolute favourites is the gloriously over-the-top pile of glitter that is...
  10. Unpopular Pokemon that you like

    It looks dumb and has a stupid wide smile. I would say that's enough. It might be because I skipped DPPt when they first came out and had no exposure to the DPPt animated series, but I personally never particularly liked Infernape and I think Empoleon is a bit too busy in its design. Favourite...
  11. April 7* Raid Part 2: Typhlosion (Ghost Tera)

    Note that unless you check the portal news raids do NOT get reset, I held on to the Iron Leaves raid up to the Decidueye raid and asked a friend to do the same for Walking Wake with no issues. I do not have an active Nintendo subscription, so I am not sure whether playing online or joining...
  12. shoddy stuff

  13. Parallel Powerhouses: Type Spam in SM OU

    There is a stray &emdash; in the first paragraph.
  14. April 7* Raid Part 2: Typhlosion (Ghost Tera)

    The monkey works solo. :annihilape: Annihilape @ Shell Bell Ability: Defiant EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Rain Dance - Screech - Rage Fist - Bulk Up (never used it) I had a fully specially defensive one ready and I did not miss the uninvested Attack, Rage Fist is just that powerful...
  15. April 7* Raid Part 2: Typhlosion (Ghost Tera)

    I would not rule this out unless Curse is one of those moves which do no work in raids. It would most likely not halve its whole HP bar, just one half of one regular HP bar (like what happened when Cinderace missed High Jump Kick). If this is a possibility it seems it would be very annoying...
  16. shoddy stuff

    Stand name: 「MOONLIT KNIGHT」 (Gardevoir as a JoJo stand. Named after the Genesis song.)
  17. him.

    Context: he photobombed a cutscene.
  18. Little things you like about Pokémon

    This is from the official channel.